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The famous symbol of the Ferrari race team is the Cavallino Rampante("prancing horse") black prancing stallion on a yellow shield, usually with the letters S F(for Scuderia Ferrari), with three stripes of green, white and red(the Italian national colors) at the top. The road cars have a rectangular badge on the hood and optionally, the shield-shaped race logo on the sides of both front wings, close to the door.
On June 17, 1923, Enzo Ferrari won a race at the Savio track in Ravenna where he met the Countess Paolina, mother of Count Francesco Baracca, an ace of the Italian air force and national hero of World War I, who used to paint a horse on the side of his planes. The Countess asked Enzo to use this horse on his cars, suggesting that it would bring him good luck.

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